Invitation to the table Liturgy Prayer of Dedication

An Invitation to the Offering and several Prayers of Dedication


God is the giver of all good things,
the one who fashioned each of us with unique gifts
that together make the Body of Christ whole. 

In gratitude for all we have received,
we offer our lives back to God — we share our time, our skills, our money
and in so doing, we say “yes” to God’s invitation
to join in Her Kin(g)dom building work here on earth.


Bountiful God,

All that we can offer you stems from your generosity. 
May the gifts that we return to you
become a blessing for your whole community,
enriching and empowering us for the work to which you call us.

God of plenty,
Bless these gifts, and the ones who gave.
May our circle of giving and receiving draw us close
with each one’s gift cherished and each one’s needs met.

O God who gathers more, and still more, people to your table — 
a table that is not contained by our one church, but extends 
across varied worship spaces, across diverse cultures and communities —  

bless the gifts that each of us brings today.
May they strengthen bodies and nourish spirits,
and be used for your glory.


Call to worship Charge and Benediction Holy Days Liturgy

Pentecost – Call to worship and benediction

From many places, we come.
From many cultures and walks of life, we come.
Bearing unique gifts and unique burdens, we come
to worship the One God. 

Spirit of Life, who breathes and dances among us today,
Ignite us with your passion and power.
Stir us into joy and wonder as we worship now,
preparing us to go on our way renewed and ready to share your gifts.


Benediction / Closing prayer

Spirit of courage and reverence, knowledge and wisdom,
right judgment and understanding, wonder and awe,

We praise you for whirling through the world
as a wind that blows where it wills,

stirring up all that you pass without showing partiality
and breathing new life into lifelessness. 

As you, Irresistible Wind, push us out into the world,
let us remember that unity is not uniformity,
that we may rejoice in your diverse gifts,
that we may share your richness with one another
whatever our gifts, whatever our creeds.

Filled with your fire, flame that consumes decay and corruption
and enkindles justice and new life,
we go forth boldly.