Binary Breaker.

[a photo of Avery Arden standing against a brick wall. They are smiling and looking to their right, not at the camera. They are white, have short brown hair, glasses, and they are wearing a lavender button-up shirt and an untied floral bow tie.]

Reach out to me at queerlychristian36@gmail.com or by using the contact form on the lefthand side of this page!

I’m Avery (they/them or ze/zir). I graduated from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in May 2019 (MDiv), and now I live with my wonderful wife and two cats in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m genderqueer, autistic, white, currently able-bodied, a leftist, and so much more.

A firm believer that all binaries were made to be broken, my faith draws from both the Catholic and Presbyterian traditions. I also believe that Divinity thrums through all of Creation and breathes life into every human community, not just Christian ones. Thus while the liturgy you’ll find on this site is Christian and often quite Trinity-focused, I hope that my respect for other faiths also rings through it.

Most of my ministry these days takes place online; you can find links to everything on my linktree.

For instance, I’ve got a timeline of gender diversity in the Bible + across Christian history; a podcast where I interview trans folks of any faith background; a tumblr blog where I offer advice; a YouTube channel where I make videos about disability theology among other things; and more!

Financial Support: I happily offer my work for free — but if you want to throw a few bucks my way, I do have a ko-fi. It’s never necessary, but is appreciated!

Note: I changed my last name from Smith to Arden in November 2021. Some of my work is still under Smith, but if you share it around, I appreciate being cited as Avery Arden!